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Putting Data into Human Context

Fitbit was turning 12 and was looking to refine their brand. Fitbit aims to help people lead healthier, more active lives by empowering them with data, inspiration and guidance to reach their goals. We were able to create a new visual system with an idea of blurring the line between the product/data and people. By putting data into human context allowed the brand to build empathy for people involved in creating the Fitbit ecosystem.

Design System

Our design system consists of three different Focuses: Lifestyle Focus, Product Focus and Data Focus. Three distinctive structures that allow Fitbit to scale its system efficiently according to audiences and moments. 

Lifestyle Focus - emotional benefits
Product Focus - product & features
Data Focus - data in human context


Matter Fitbit is a grotesk typeface with a subtle, warm touch through its lively forms and diagonal terminals. The form and its structure allows Fitbit to communicate accurate information, yet approachable through its subtle updates.


Our color palette truly comes alive when used in combination. It has been specifically designed to work together. Our palette gives us the freedom to be bold and colorful, and sometimes more toned‑down.

Design Principal: James Hurst
Design Director: Andre Coelho
Senior Designer: Sam Song

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